Request for Comment on Provisional Changes to the Forum

I don’t so much mind the potential occurrence of some lag-period between posting and moderator approval as I did initially, so so far I do not have an objection to it’s implementation for selected threads.

I do have one request, which is to allow editing of yet-to-be-approved posts if possible. I have a habit of doing corrective grammar and spelling of my post after I’ve already posted them, but if they have not yet been approved they’re “locked” and uneditable with the exception of deletion.


Any time you’d like to recover a post let us know. We can send you a copy. Does that resolve the concern?

If you don’t think a specific post should have been rejected, calmly ask the @moderators about it in a PM. At the very least, you will get an explanation of why and a review by other moderators.

Yes, that would be a wonderful functionality to add… if the Discourse system will allow it…

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No it’s more about the editing thing. I press post, then I see the post is awaiting moderation. I then (out of habit) proceed to re-read for spelling and grammar and see that I have made mistakes, but I can’t edit the post now because it’s “locked” in waiting to be approved by a moderator.

So if it’s not too complicated to implement, I request the possibility of editing a post that has already been submitted, but that has yet to be approved.


Sorry that just is not technically feasible. You can ask for the feature here: .

Is there a way to change the moderation policy on an existing topic once we see that it is going well and does not need moderator approval of all comments?

I was looking at the scoring system, but it seems complicated.

Perhaps a Conversation: Open category where no one can create new posts, but comments from TL3+ do not require approval. Once a discussion is going well in Conversation, a moderator could move it to Open, reducing the burden of approving comments.

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We can allow anyone in particular groups to approve posts in a category. That might be one approach.

Is approving posts becoming a burden?

The need to have every or a good many comments moderated is not a good idea for a conversation area. How bad can comments be to need that much control? The comments won’t shake the universe and must be a burden to moderators unless there is not many being made.
As in car traffic there should be fluidity for increase movement and reaching results.

A bit of a burden, and after a series of polite exchanges set the tone constant monitoring is too much micromanagement…

My suggestion for the Open category was sort of an alternating “switch” to turn off/on comments moderation. If a discussion starts to get rowdy it can be moved back to Conversation for monitoring.

I’m not sure what you mean - give them some moderation authority?

I’m not against that idea, but I don’t think it addresses the problem. If a discussion is going well, we can reduce the burden of approving all comments without introducing more people on-task.

Allowing a group with authority to approve comments in a category would help foster guided discussion, I think. It’s a good idea for different reasons. We might need a discussion about assigning roles to people for such topics. Asking for volunteers or nominations for particular threads might work too, if that is possible??

Here’s another problem with the conversations that require moderator approval before posting.

  • I reply to that post. My reply is held for approval.

  • Some time later, my post is approved. And it is apparently marked as having been read by me. But, in the meantime, someone else has posted a reply and had their reply approved before mine. And their post is marked as if I have read it, but I had not even seen it.

It would be better for my post not to be marked as read, than to incorrectly mark an unread post as read. I don’t want to miss posts, particularly in a discussion important enough to require moderator approval.


Here’s another problem that I am seeing with moderated posts.

If we go back, maybe two years, there was a setting such that if I posted to a thread then I could remain at the same position in the thread instead of jumping to my new post.

That setting disappeared. But if I replied and that took me to my reply, there was at least an arrow on that reply. And I could click that arrow to take me back to where I was reading so I could review the rest of the new posts to the thread.

Now, with moderation, if I reply my new post goes to the bottom waiting moderator approval. But there is no arrow that I can click to take me back. I hope the software maintainers can do something about that.