Requesting Comment: Proposed Structure and Rules

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I thought this was approved long ago? What happened to this principle?

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Delayed on account of Ezra, I think. :smile:

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My question to: Dan_Eastwood
Temporarily bumping people to TL0 if/when they are unable to contribute effectively (in place of siliencing).


I see! It got “bumped” - - and then forgotten about, even by me!

So what does it take for the @moderators and @Swamidasss to say “Yes, let’s start doing it this way!”?

(Neil Rickert) #69

And why is the Frantic Unitarian so frantic about disuniting us?

(Dan Eastwood) #70

I’m looking forward to meeting George at the workshop, if he will hold still long enough for me to say “hello”. :slight_smile:

@gbrooks9 I’m hoping to get a little sit-down time with SJS while I’m here to discuss forum stuff, but there is so much going on I can’t promise that will happen.

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Life is like a box of chocolates… And when someone sets up shop with a whole new idea for chocolates, I find it more than a little annoying that many people come to where the air is nice and the people friendly, and proceed to spend hours and hours talking about roasting penguin meat.

Sure… there’s a time and place for penguins. But I prefer them alive. I spent an afternoon in Dubai at that indoor-snow resort… and they had live penguins right there! … down the slope from the Hot Chocolates served in a cozy lodge… all erected indoors, some hundreds of feet in the air.

But why do I digress with Penguins? What? non-sequitur discussions cause problems for you? Do tell…

I am not disuniting… I am trying to UNITE. And for those here stubborn, defiant, or just ignorant, there should be places for you to enjoy conversation of your own liking… as long as it doesn’t foment the hostilities and acrimony common to Evolution vs. Creation discussions.

Peaceful Science is about BOTH Evolution and Creation… equally understood, equally accepted… perhaps not in equal proportions… but, not everything is equal/equal/equal.

Is it your expectation that Atheists and Christians can take communion together? What? You say, No? I’m terrifically shocked! Shocked, I say!

How “dis-uniting” to think that you can’t join Christians in this important historical activity that goes back 2000 years…

So… shall we ARGUE our way to unity?

[ Be sure to click on the image to see the details better! ]

(George) #72

@swamidass ( @moderators, @Dan_Eastwood ):

So… Joshua, back in NOVEMBER (!!!) , you had already concluded that TL0 (Trust Level Zero) was viable and ready for use!!!

So let’s start encouraging moderators that it is “OKAY” for occupation… can even put ME IN THERE for a few weeks… whatever it takes to get this show rolling…!!!

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