The Cambrian Explosion Has Just Gone Nuclear | Evolution News

That sounds a lot like the quips that were directed towards Nick Matzke way back when. Nick also had a knack for confounding the degreed scholars that are the vanguard of the ID community.

If the present story plays out as in the past, your future is bright, @evograd. In the years since they assailed Nick, the ID vanguard have been reduced to churning out repetitious, vapid, self-citing drivel. Behe, Axe, Meyer, et al. - nary a whiff of a credible scientific or even scholarly work in the years since they first attacked Nick.

Nick, OTOH, has been excellent headway on a most interesting and important problem, doing exactly what the ID vanguard has been insisting can’t be done, and should not be done.

Nicely done, @evograd.