Theistic Evolution versus Science

And the thing that fascinates me about those who deny evolution is that they never leverage their allegedly superior understanding to help people in desperate need.

For example, Mike Behe should be devoting his energy to malaria research if he truly believes that he understands chloroquine resistance better than those in the field do. Instead of doing research and writing papers aimed at changing the malaria field, he’s selling books to laypeople.


I agree… unfortunately, Scientists have made an error in PR by making evolution the core of the argument for athiesm (or atleast in bit pushing back when athiest scientists hijacked the subject to do this).

Not acknowledging history and just suddenly stating science has nothing to do with athiesm might not help much…
On the positive side there have been conscious efforts recently to correct associations of science with athiesm.

Different people have different interests and different ways of helping people.

For example , I am sure Richard Dawkins views his books and other efforts as helping humanity even though he also has not done any science recently that helps humanity.

I know that, but it doesn’t explain the behavior.

I don’t see how that explains Behe’s decision not to work on malaria, if he truly believes that he has superior insight. How does his selling books instead help people?

Could be, but that’s not a valid reason for you to avoid explaining Behe’s lack of action. He has access to funding from the DI, correct?

No, this is not correct at all. It has been religious and political leaders who have made this error equating science with atheism. Look at working scientists today. They work in secular labs, corporations, institutions, and universities. Their faith is irrelevant to their science unless each individually makes faith part of their purpose in science like Dr. Swamidass does.


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Dr. Dawkins’ books have had a huge positive impact on humanity around the world. The Selfish Gene for 40 years and of course The God Delusion now translated into over 50 languages (and banned in 30 countries as heresay).

What a narcissistic God. Similar to President Trump.

I am not defending Behe. I am pointing out your lack of balance on this issue.

There Patrick… you have proved my point… the same applies to Dr Behe’s books…

I don’t see the inconsistency. Does Dawkins claim that malaria researchers don’t understand chloroquine resistance?

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Sure it’s just evolution, but it also allow people to accommodate their beliefs. You and I don’t need that, but it’s important for many.

Let’s not forget about people like Ken Ham and others, who insist that science is atheistic.

@Patrick @Greg Let’s leave the politics alone - I have enough fires to put out as it is. :wink:


Behe’s book are rubbish.