Thinking About Falsifiability and Abiogenesis


Then we agree: “God did it” is not a scientific claim, theory or hypothesis. That means you have no alternative offer science. We are just stuck over here with abiogenesis.

Because it is often not possible. Case in point:

Silence from you. No surprise. This is an impossible task.

Turns out that establishing the limits (or lack of limits) of natural processes like this requires making metaphysical claims. It is therefore is outside science to falsify abiogenesis.

Methodological Naturalism

Yup I’ve done that several times. I’ve even explained it to you. Perhaps you can try restating my position? It’s not clear you’ve actually understood what I am saying, because I haven’t actually seen you engage it.

Briefly, I talke CS Lewis’s view that science is a dream, and theology is the waking world:

I am echoing a position synthesized from Francis Bacon, Blaise Pascal, Richard Boyle, and several other of the early scientists, all of whom justified their position from Christian theology, as do I. I’ve written about this in several places already: (1) Methodological Naturalism, So Falsely Called, (2) The Creator-Creation Distinction - #2 by swamidass, and (3) Why Methodological Naturalism?. @TedDavis has added a historian’s voice too (responding to @pnelson):

I’m just recovering this older understanding of what science is, grounding it in theology. We are exploring this in more depth right now too! So, once you’ve caught up a bit on the readings, maybe you could bring a couple questions. We are mapping a “new” way forward, though it is a forgotten old way really. Maybe you’ll find it better than repetitive arguments?