Uncommon or Common Descent?

If chance and necessity cannot create complex structure, then these would be evidence for a halting oracle. I do not understand your point.

Disappointing :frowning:

Way too much hand wavy dismissal of arguments I see in this forum.

As you accused me of non sequitur before, this is the same. There are mathematical proofs that chance and necessity cannot create complex structure. The proofs show the only way to get such structure is with a halting oracle.

I point this out, and you say there is some other way.

How is that possible? There literally is no other alternative. Chance, necessity, and halting oracle exhaust the possibilities.

I answered in the past and I’ll probably do it again in the future. I have a job to during work hours and a family too. You could just go learn the basics of information theory and see it for yourself too. It isn’t that complex.

Certainly, I am not asking you to take away time from your family. You go above and beyond with all the time you devote to this site. However, if it is as basic as you claim, you can at least state the theorem that proves me wrong.

I’ve spent a couple years now studying information theory, and the more I learn the more it confirms chance and necessity cannot create complex structure. Hence the proofs I referred to.

I started skeptical of the information theory ID arguments, too, but it turns out they are spot on.

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