What are Turtle's Anyways?

Thats very old criticisms. Creatures could not die and therefore would always eat. As it will be in the new world God will create. Fish would never leave the water and don’t today.
In a pefect creation life would substain itself but would not decay or die. Yes its a glorious system to make the present system, very glorious also, look massively inferior.

By the way. If the Tree of life fruit was needed there still would be the problem of humans surviving drowning or clobbered by a branch. Yet clearly they would never die by your own reasoning.
Clearly we would not need a immune system if we ate from the tree of life.

Animals still eat, got it!
Life sustains itself and does not die or decay, OK.
Still don’t need an immune system.

New Consequences
Animals eating means animals pooping.
No decay means that poop, keratin, and plant matter accumulate forever.
No immune system still follows from no decay.

So Adam and Eve are wading around hip deep in poop, shed hair/fur/fingernails/ and dead leave/branches/fruit husks, because these things never decay.

It gets better! Once cast out from Eden, A&E (and all animals) get sick and die because they have no immune systems. If they somehow survive, their descendants must quickly evolve functional immune systems, and a host of other new features.


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That is the key right there… As Mark Whorton points out in his interesting book Peril In Paradise, the YEC view of a “perfect” pre-Fall creation (rather than a literally “very good” one that was properly suited for God’s unfolding eternal purposes) is based more the Bible’s descriptions of the future than its descriptions of the past. It is possible that the future will be better than the past…

nope. The future just is more evidence of the original plan. the whole point of God was a plan for creation.
It will succeed and so the future will be like the original. Why would God change the plans details of the future relative to his original plan??
God and angels don’t decay/die. No reason for spirit alive biology to decay/die either.
However weird.