Why Memes Are Discouraged

Why exactly are you making this more difficult for me? Can you wait till have a staff before getting into moderator battles?

I’m oldish but I really like meme generators… :grinning:

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Please remove it. I don’t want to be unnecessary conflict with anyone. I already rephrased some of the things you quoted me on. I want us to rise above.

Thank you. Not be picky, but I’m trying to build bridges. And big flashy images that poke fun at DI are going to be read, and will always tweak people. I get that you were not being mean about it, but it just isn’t worth it in this context.

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Though now that we are on the same page, I am very tempted to post a meme.

Somehow, my better senses are getting hold of me, whispering “do…not…sabotage…yourself…”

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Do not saboutage yourself!

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Do not use title font on sentences either!!!

So many rules and regulations defining what we can do! Are you certain you weren’t an engineer in a past life, @swamidass? 'Cause scientists only self-regulate, unlike engineers who write most of the regulations and set up certifications for engineering practices. Oh, wait a second there… Let me double-check the definition for ‘self-regulate’ … :grin:

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Well I hope you think I’m a benevolent dictator. Hopefully an aligned and engaged moderating team rise up, but we are not there yet.

I appreciate the PS standard of discouraging memes. Memes tend to provoke visceral reactions (and even conflict) while rarely conveying helpful information. When allowed in a discussion forum, they tend to multiply like fleas so that even if the first meme in a thread somehow manages to say something useful—and results in high-fives from like-minded participants—the memes which follow usually degenerate into sophomoric folly. Or worse.

Memes can be like brush fires in an August drought: once they get started: they are a lot of work to keep under control. And even when kept lighthearted, meme-posting can be like littering.


I hate memes so much I made some anti-memes.

If you include a meme and an anti-meme in the same comment there is a huge explosion. :grin:

Feel free to message a pair, though. I could recommend a couple of candidates to send them to. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t you have a bigger version? With, say, a full-sized waterfall?

There is no shortage of worthy recipients!

I’m working on one that comes with its own fire-hose.


Hopefully they cancel each other out.

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