William Lane Craig on Historical Adam

This thread is to record the public statements that William Lane Craig makes on the historical Adam. As you hear about them, please add them here, with relevant quotes. Commentary on them should be handled in other threads.

He announced his inquiry into a historical Adam a few months ago: William Lane Craig on Peaceful Science.

Then he described his experience interacting with us at Dabar here: William Lane Craig on Dabar Conference

Most recently, he took a question from a reader here:

Going forward, please help me keep this up to date and complete. Thanks.

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Dr. Craig posted last week on Adam and Eve, referencing myself and the work being done here at Peaceful Science. This is a very interesting podcast, and I’m hoping to copy over the transcript here when I can.

@pevaquark this is worth listening too, to supplement our private conversation.


See here: WLC: Three Part Podcast on the GAE (Before Reading the Book?)