My name is viole.

I am a Swede who grew up in Kiruna, above the polar circle, have some Sami blood and and moved to Switzerland. I am now both Swede and Swiss, so feel free to confuse the two countries without impunity. I am married with two kids, in their teenage now. All family members are atheists. I was the last one to join them, since I have been a Lutheran for most of my life.

I graduated in Applied Mathematics with focus in Theoretical Physics and currently working as a postdoc on some research projects, beside my main occupation in the mathematical financial market in Switzerland. I specialised mainly in the area of General Relativity and Cosmology. I also did some work on Quantum Fields theory and Supersymmetry.

I am strong atheist. Meaning that I do not simply lack belief in God, but I actively believe that there is no God. I also believe that there are no souls, nor spiritual entities of any kind. I think the word for it is metaphysical naturalist.

I believe that the Universe is ruled by mechanical, unconscious and indifferent laws that are, by necessity, uncaring about us (and the rest) and lack any form of teleology and ultimate purpose.

Nevertheless, I am interested in Philosophy and Metaphysics and the intersection it has with religious belief.

I am also a fan of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Juventus Turin.