1,000 Scientists Sign Up to Dissent from Darwin

Interesting. No mention of the DI and not a word about Project Steve either.


I wonder what proportion of those scientists were in fields such as computer science, engineering, physics, etc – fields which are not closely related to evolution?

More than 50% and of the “biologist” most are medical doctors many of whom may have never taken and evolutionary biology class. Also, it is important to point out that signatories aren’t all saying that evolution is completely false as AiG hopes their audience will take this headline.


As has been mentioned many times before, most evolutionary biologists could have signed the “dissent” based on its wording. But of course they wouldn’t, based on its subtext, the fact that it comes from a creationist organization, and the use to which they knew it would be put.

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This is the closest I’ve seen personally (albeit a bit oudated) to anyone examining the list and emailing people on the list with relevant expertise:

Rational Wiki put together a list with degrees and the occasional comment as well:

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