137 human genomes from the Middle East fill gaps in human history


The large number of physically phased haplotypes allowed us to study population history from relatively old periods (>100 kya) to very recent times (1 kya). We found no evidence that an early expansion of humans out of Africa has contributed genetically to present-day populations in the region. This finding adds to the growing consensus that all contemporary non-African modern humans descend from a single expansion out-of-Africa, quickly followed by admixture with Neanderthals, before populating the rest of the world. We found that Middle Eastern populations have very little Neanderthal DNA that is private to the region, with the vast majority shared with other Eurasians. We demonstrated that Arabian populations have lower Neanderthal ancestry than Levantine, European, and East Asian populations and attributed this difference to elevated ancestry from a basal Eurasian population, which did not admix with Neanderthals, in addition to recent African admixture.


We all are truly Africans, at least in a historical sense.


Yes, we are. If my understanding is correct, the Khoisan people carry some of the oldest genetic lineages.

Not sure, but I think that’s the still current consensus.

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