A drowning T-Rex greets my Monday morning: New AIG film coming soon to a theater near you

The large tongue is a nice touch. (The T-Rex is probably complaining about not making the cut for boarding the ark.)

Can’t say that I fully understand the meaning of “and the Darkness” in the title. (That is, The Ark and the Darkness.)

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I think you are misinterpreting the image. The T-Rex is carrying the ark on her/his back, towing it toward the light. S/he gave her life to save humanity and the rest of the animals. The angels promised the T-Rex couple that they would never be forgotten. And we all know this promise was kept.

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That would be in keeping with known altruistic tendencies of T. Rex.



Of course, that reputation was just a fabrication of their P.R. department. In reality, the charity they extended to the less fortunate was purely for tax deduction purposes.


Wot? They’re even taxing the Jurassic era? Darn gumminment! That’s taking ‘nothing is certain except death and taxes’ too darn far!


This sub-thread reminds me of the old pastors’ joke—told only by very old pastors—that Methuselah managed to collect Social Security for 904 years.

Anachronism humor has its place. (And that place is probably in the recycle bin, which is where I happen to live.)

Meanwhile, I’m still enjoying the thought of that AI-generated cartoon about David slaying the Ammonites.


I hate to tell you this, but it already exists:


Addendum: I see that this has already been posted elsewhere.


Yes, it got posted here recently but I couldn’t find it. Thanks for posting an original.

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