A Genealogical Adam and Noah

Really? Have you read our take on it? The Cambrian Explosion And Evolution

How long do you think the Cambrian Explosion was? What objection do you have with the prevailing theories of why it took place? To be clear, this does not mean God did not inspire mutations or species (maybe He did), but this is not a challenge to our current understanding of evolution. What makes you think it is?

Maybe God did inspire the first cell direction. I think you have a better theological grounding for de novo Adam. That seems like it actually might be the teaching of Scripture. Genesis, however, does not speak of cells.

Stick around for the conversation with @rcohlers. Clinton Ohlers: Two Parables on Divine Action. You are going to like that conversation. In the mean time, try your hand at A Science Fiction Riddle.

I’m glad you are here. This forum is surprisingly (and thankfully) full of OECs like you. I think that is a legitimate position, even if the OEC arguments against evolution are weak. Science does not consider God’s action. Maybe He just did something different than we can figure out with a neutral look at the evidence.

Any how, welcome to the conversation. Peace.