A Polar Bear Catches a Seal

Continuing the discussion from Behe's Main Response: A Trainwreck:

Just amazing. Check this out. There will be many more posts on polar bears in the coming weeks. These animals are the largest land carnivores alive. They specialize in hunting seals, and the hunt is breathtakingly beautiful.


Josh, apparently I can’t comment on “office hours” threads. There is not “reply” tab. You asked about where Behe fits on my Polar Bear Test. I thought of him when I was putting that together and felt I couldn’t adequately categorize him. Origins positions, especially in the PC/ID area fall on such a continuum but to create a key I needed to settle on some discrete categories spaced out on the continuum. In my general description of ID I tried to indicate the variance that in that category and included Behe as a bit of an outlier with no clear label that can be attached.


Sorry. Try again.