A spectacular optical illusion

. . . which I am using to introduce a new hermeneutics series on Zoom:

It is interesting in its own right—though I am using it to illustrate how our fallible observations and intuitions concerning language and life experiences can blind us when interpreting an ancient text.


Anybody else a little peeved they cant force their brain to see it? I know I am.


I do wish that the video could include rising and falling “crane shots” so that the brain would suddenly “toggle” the optical illusion perception once a particular vertical angle is reached.


I remember beginning to watch this video months ago and I was so annoyed I didn’t finish it. :rofl:

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Why would you find it annoying and not fascinating?


That’s part of the illusion - you think you are annoyed but really you are fascinated! :wink:


I do find it fascinating, but I think I also see it as an insurmountable shortcoming, and I guess I take that pretty personally! Curse you, primate brain! Hmmm… I wonder if there’s a way to test this on other animals.

I can see the rotation in the OP.

A similar themed illusion I can’t get my head around is this one; it is supposed the higher order brain processing makes one unable to see past the illusion


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