A Young Milky-Way-like Galaxy

“This result represents a breakthrough in the field of galaxy formation, showing that the structures that we observe in nearby spiral galaxies and in our Milky Way were already in place 12 billion years ago,” said Francesca Rizzo, study author and postdoctoral student at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics in Germany, in a statement."

I checked some big bang graphics. That leaves maybe 500 million or 1 billion years for this galaxy to form.

The other option, which is crazier scientifically of course, is that light from astronomical objects gets here faster than the speed of light. But why not?

Star formation as well as galaxy formation in as little as 200-300 million years after the Big Bang is consistence with the Lambda CDM model of the universe.

light faster than c is not.


I am curious enough to ask if you have an idea you want to share. Earlier this year I was reconsidering Danny Faulkner’s dasha model and thought I saw something similar to what you are suggesting. At first glance, it seemed to work (though I had previously discarded his model). I really need to revisit that and your thoughts are a reminder.

So, do you have an idea you would like to share? I’m sure I would not be the only one interested in hearing it.

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I do believe are universe is somehow 5-dimensional. I was watching a video on wormholes and it fit in my head what I was thinking about regarding how light would travel in the universe between 4-dimensional spaces. The math described made sense to me, though I don’t really understand the math of physics yet.

Also this came up on my feed. I only understand about 20% of it, but the main idea that measurements don’t apply sometimes might fit here. Physicists Just Found a New Quantum Paradox That Casts Doubt on a Pillar of Reality

Can you provide me a link to the Danny Faulkner theory you mentioned?

This is super exciting. :heart_eyes: It just came up on my feed this morning. There's a Theory Beyond Relativity That Would Allow You to Fly Through a Wormhole its almost too perfect. To us, light would appear to traverse the wormhole and take a long time. But from the perspective of the light it’s flying through quickly.

I’m really not surprised other 5 dimensional theories are out there. I’m just wondering why the heck all of science isn’t more excited and hasn’t dumped string theory yet.

Laughing. Your excitement is contagious. Wormholes are fun to discuss. And 5 dimensional ideas are out there. John Hartnett’s idea may have actually worked for a young universe but he disqualified himself when he ruled out an initial small, hot, dense start to the universe. Don’t venture too far out. Stay close to what cosmologists are finding. It really does not run as counter to the Bible text as mainstream YECs claim For instance, a Friedmann universe is beautiful and could super-inflate rapidly (with just a little help, that is).

What is lacking in YEC cosmology is really not a spacetime metric or model. What they continually get hung up on is that God had to create it exactly as they interpret it. They completely ignore that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” could have included a small, hot, dense beginning.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I will read the article.

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After studying this myself I agree. I have instead found it likely to be 2D beginning. This would appear to us to be small. It was probably a primordial soup that was only defined by time and gravity and it’s one dimension was a Planck length, or just less than a Planck length, whichever works. :joy: The waters in Genesis 1 would be referring to a liquid plasma. This would be very much how water would appear to us. But the primordial ingredients had no mass, because they were only one dimension but a ton of energy. So now I read Genesis 1:2 as the Holy Spirit revving up those building blocks as if they were ready to run a race. :laughing: They’re spinning and all excited. Lol, that’s my poetic interpretation. Inflation is just the expansion of the universe when light was created. That’s why I think an aether is obvious. I don’t think any of this contradicts the text literally it’s just a modern interpretation of the science. I’m still working on fitting in certain pieces for my own curiosity. :smiling_face:

Ok so we have spinning plasma along a Planck length where dimensions beyond 1 are hidden.
The energy builds over a span of t=0 to t=Planck time. A second dimension – a temporal one – is born.
Time and gravity are present.
When Planck time is reached, gravity goes temporarily negative, and the system erupts.
Inflation ensues but is reversed quickly when 2 other spatial dimensions come fully into operation.
Inflation stops and the size of the system is small but definitely visible – and now expanding.
Photons of light are certainly part of the mix. Light has been created.

Agreed. You have an active mind, pleasing to see. If you will always use the Scripture to constrain your ideas, you will fare well. As you do so you will begin to notice something: The Bible text always gives ample leeway for active thinking, even scientific thinking. This is something not believed by the academic community and so they lose out on a wealth of good science. If you were to go into University, the Bible would be the first thing they would require to leave behind. In reality, the constraint of Scripture is not burdensome, but rather, liberating. This is a feeling they will never experience, but you have already experienced it.

Stay imaginative. Stay true.

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Yes, but time begins with the creation of the plasma. Genesis 1 describes each intervention of God to create a more complex creation out of his materials.

My thinking is more than God’s creation of light is what we called aether. This creation is inflation.

Then God divided the light so that part of this plasma lies in darkness. Then it’s divided up into an egg - Day 2. The part that creates the heavens has one less dimension - basically the universe looks like Saturn until God completes the expansion of the heavens on Day 4.

I went to a small Christian college and have a degree in English. The only professor who told me the beginning of Genesis wasn’t literal was my theology professor who went on to teach at a seminary the next year.

It’s been almost 20 years since college. I’m older than you think despite all the emojis. :see_no_evil: I just love researching something. Always have. I just realized during COVID that that has always been my hobby. COVID got me started on science, then I saw one of Dr.Swamidass’s interviews, and started researching the first few chapters of Genesis scientifically and historically. It’s really been fun. I’d rather dialogue about what I’ve learned and share it, so this forum is great

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