Adam, Alien or Ape?

Four possible models of how humans came to possess their unique traits, in an imaginative old earth creationist book.

Yeesh. I find Lara Logan’s theory that the Rothschilds funded Darwin more plausible, and much more worthy of discussion, than this.


Seriously? Footnote 2 is a popular article on the Fermi Paradox, used to support a garbled understanding of Fermi’s question. Footnote 3 is to a review of The Matrix. And the references get no better after that. What is the point of discussing this incoherent mess?


Thanks for saving my time :smile:

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FWIW, I had a few discussions with this guy on Facebook. Can’t say I was impressed. He eventually stopped responding and then one of his friends told me to leave him alone because he was an old man and shouldn’t be expected to answer questions about his books.

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Judging from the article, my guess would be that anybody who receives an answer to a question about his books will regret having asked.

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Edgar is an old earth creationist and he isn’t on board with human evolution. But I still appreciate how he is engaging some of the questions here. :slight_smile:

Based on that article and my other interactions with him, his understanding of evolution is as abysmal as one would expect from an OEC. Just one example:

One seldom mentioned problem with this scenario as it is applied to mankind is that if it is true, humans are seriously over-evolved. That is, we have acquired characteristics that far exceed any conceivable value in increasing our reproductive capacity. According to the neo-Darwinian narrative, no capacity should arise in an organism that does not improve its ability to reproduce but humans possess powers that flatly contradict this.

Some actual engagement with our forum might prove quite beneficial to him, if he is willing to learn from the people here who are experts on the subject. Has he been invited?


He has been on this Forum

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