Agog Over Gog and Magog

False. It is a passage specifically directed at covenant participants (i.e., the Old Covenant) in Ancient Israel. It is not “instructing believers.”

Wow, I never heard this slick willy. Care to explain why your God is instructing his chosen people to kill any person who doesn’t what to kiss your God’s ass. :sunglasses:

God tell his chosen people to kill for all kinds of reasons is rampant in the bible,

First, you have a naïve view of what hate speech really is. I warrant you that the authorities will have no interest in what I posted above.

Second, just as it would have been impossible to prevent Mt St Helens from blowing on May 18, 1980, it will likewise be impossible to overturn or in any way impede the ultimate prophetic outcome of war involving God and Magog.

My hope that it erupts in our lifetime is based solely on my desire to see the arm of God bared in defense of his people and to see an unbelieving world compelled to concede his reality. While that is something I already know I will witness on the other side, I much prefer to witness it on this side of death with my natural eyes. The roar of praise that will erupt from the lips of his people and Christian believers around the world on the day he manifests himself will almost split the mountains down the middle.

The 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption was the most destructive in U.S. history. Fifty-seven people died , and thousands of animals were killed , according to USGS. More than 200 homes were destroyed, and more than 185 miles of roads and 15 miles of railways were damaged. Is that what your hoping for in your lifetime? If so, you are a sick sadistic evil person.

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So we can say that it’s not instructing every believer to kill infidels; it’s only telling Jews to do it? I don’t really see how that mitigates the problem. I suppose that you will also say that the Old Covenant has been abrogated by the New. Still don’t see how that makes it better.

And one must also now decide which parts of the Old Testament count as valid instructions for us now and which don’t. I presume that one is now allowed to wear mixed fabrics, but not to covet. How do we decide?

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