Ancient DNA reveals complex migrations of the first Americans

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@gbrooks9 For all native people of North and South America to have Adam and Eve in their genealogy, Genealogical Adam and Eve would have to be born (or specially created) more older than 25,000 years ago certainly long before the rise of agriculture and cities in the Middle East.



One, you are wrong.

Two, why are you telling me? Do you think i was the one who gave the idea to Joshua?

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Good luck making that case with scientific evidence. Maybe everyone needs some unsubstantiated beliefs to cling too :smile:.

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“This basically provides the first picture of whole-genome data more than a thousand years old,” says Nathan Nakatsuka, a Ph.D. student at Harvard Medical School who coauthored the Cell study.

Nathan is a friend of mine. Very proud of his contributions here.


This is pretty remarkable. I hadn’t heard of this before.

Researchers also got conflicting results related to Population Y, a “ghost” population first proposed to explain why some indigenous South Americans seem to have more Australasian ancestry than other Native Americans. Moreno-Mayar’s paper shows signs of Population Y in South America at least 10,000 years ago. But the researchers who suggested Population Y in the first place—the authors of the Cell study—found that they didn’t need this extra group to explain their latest results.

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