Ancient DNA video


Very nice. Thank you!

Thank you, Patrick.

I’m accumulating a serious backlog of links which have been posted in this forum. I definitely want to learn from them but I’m not always keeping up. Nevertheless, participants here have given me a lot of important information.

The science is progressing so fast and on so many fronts that is very difficult to stay even somewhat current. I envy those on the front lines actually moving the bar forward. Its exhilarating and frustrating at the same time.
To me it was like laying tracks and driving the train forward at the same time while looking over one’s shoulder for that unrecognized breakthrough coming from a competing lab.

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I have the greatest job in the world. Did you know they actually pay me to do science?!!?!??

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Enjoy the fun of doing science and get paid well doing it. Because someday the time will come where you will be asked to manage the doing of science. They will promise you even much bigger bucks to manage it your way. Resist the jump, keep doing science your way until you can’t do it well anymore, then jump into management, and take the big bucks right before retirement. It is so much fun doing science on the front line. Enjoy it while it lasts. But for every Newton there is an Einstein. And you say to yourself, “how come I didn’t see it, as it was right in front of me”. But it was you seeing it for the first time that allowed the next one to stand on your shoulders to see over the horizon.

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How do you know this? That is exactly right, and exactly my plan.

It was how I experienced my career in science and technology.

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