Ancient-human genome count surpasses 10,000

10000 ancient genomes sequenced! What does aDNA do to creationists models like Jeanson’s?

Absolutely destroys it, that’s what. He just ignores anything that invalidates his “Traced” model. The Stone Age R1b haplotype in northern Italy. All of the Neanderthal sequences. Either just straight up pretends they don’t exist or says they’re invalid because reasons. The closest he comes to giving a reason is that the coverage is insufficient. Well, some of the aDNA sequences have coverage in the same range as sequencing of extant human genomes. And the errors we find - fragmentation, uracil enrichment - are exactly as predicted and expected. The sequences are perfectly reliable. Jeanson just has to reject them because acceptance would mean admitting Traced is a steaming pile.


What does a kick do to a dead horse?


Ignore it because it was never a sane model in the first place?

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