Anonymity and Peaceful Science

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Seriously, we have to address anonymity here at Peaceful Science. People are not using anonymity to protect themselves but are instead using anonymity to harm other people. That is not right. PS has obligations and responsibilities. To post at Peaceful Science, one should be required to register with name, address, contact information, associations represented, and funding source or no funding source. And this information needs to be verified as being true.


I agree. As long as you note that some people are not abusing anonymity (see for example @ABC). In a couple months we are doing another forum redesign. At that time we will discuss this more. Is possible rules will change on anonymity, perhaps in a way that would lead to some of the current bad actors being banned.

In the mean time, please help by pressing back on anonymous posters when they go after the rest of us.

If you do that you’re going to lose a large chunk of your members. There’s too many nutters and too many data breeches these days. No one can guarantee your personal info will remain secure. I have experienced it in spades.

I don’t want anyone banned. Free Speech is free speech. But people must be responsible for their free speech. By requiring people to register who they are, what their affiliation is, they can be held responsible for that free speech. Look at @pnelson and @Agauger. They don’t hide their identity. It takes a certain amount of courage to come here and post your views. Folks like @NLENTS aren’t anonymous. Everyone should have to have a registered and verified profile with real name, picture and affiliation but not religious beliefs as this should be private unless the person wants to reveal it.

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Actually I’m more aligned with @patrick on this one. Be glad he isn’t in charge, because you would have been banned long ago.

Better the devil that is out the shadows.

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I don’t believe in the Devil. Humans are malleable and can learn empathy, compassion once knowledge and reason replace myth, ignorance, and superstition. :sunglasses:

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Is this true @Patrick? Would you have banned me long ago, and if so, for what offense?

What personal info? All he’s asking for is a name.

Try reading the OP again.

That list is to long. Let’s start with considering revealing just our real name

Sorry. All other people are asking for is your name. Patrick is out to lunch.


I can understand the concern surrounding anonymity. Then again, depending on circumstances, it may not be safe for them to be “named” and participate in the conversation here.

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Unless you plan on investigating and possibly doxxing them, why do you need someone’s name?

Wait… where does Al Gore enter the picture?


I’m pretty sure he invented climate change, or the internet, not sure which one…



I am talking about verified identity for posting. When a person would like to post here, they need to register with certain information such as Name, CIty/State (not home address), DOB (very important as we really should not have minors posting here), photo, affiliation, and funding. All this information is kept confidential by PS in encrypted form. The person still can have cute symbols by their name, and cute taglines. But PS knows who they are and who they represents AND the person knows that PS knows this. @swamidass - Note this will keep you and PS from getting sued.

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Why not?

Verified Real name and verified email address. Also affiliation is very important.

Do you know if any other forum who has that policy?

Most groups on Facebook, Twitter.