Anonymity and Peaceful Science

What I don’t understand is why your paranoia runs so deep and why you’re so irrational on this subject. Makes one wonder how rational you are on other subjects.

You really should get some professional help for your creepy obsession about other people’s personal information. Do you stalk other people in real life?

So anyway, what’s all this dissing of Al Gore? He did indeed do a lot to make the internet a public thing. He did indeed do a lot to bring the current global warming crisis to public attention. He got some recognition for that, justifiably so. He lost an election, sort of. Why make fun of him for all that?

Incidentally, I don’t think you’re earning much respect here for the words you write.

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I know you’re earning none for your creepy stalking. Go pick another target for your unhealthy obsession.

That wouldn’t be very Christian of them to do that. All the more reason to “come out” against injustice, intolerance and other people who are just trying to push their beliefs on others. Your don’t have to believe what your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles believe or what your employers beliefs. In this country, conditions of employment based on belief is not enforceable, in fact employees can sue employers who harass employees for their beliefs or non-beliefs.

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In an ideal world sure, but there are fundamentalist Christians loose in our country and things like the Clergy Project exist because there is no safe place for many.

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How did the camel vote lean on Brexit?

That’s why the Atheists continue to fight for truth, justice, and the American way. :sunglasses:

We have long been aware of the importance of a backstop.


@Patrick, so am i the first to be verified? :wink:

Anonymous Verified ID Advocate - AVIDA

That might work. And no I will not out you @mung. I don’t do that.

Neither do I. But as far as I can tell there is not much to “let out”. Do you have any compromising pictures or videos that you want us to hold confidentially? :rofl:

Why is it so important to you not to use your name, age, education background. Won’t it make you more credible? Note that since I know a little more about you, I am actually more empathetic to you now than before. I see you are a nice guy with the same questions and concerns that I have. I have nothing against you now. (and never really did before)

Why don’t you apply for the DI seminars? I am sure Ann or Paul will let you in.

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A better question is “why are you anonymous?” He has no valid reason.

If you are talking about me, I would prefer that you didn’t.

You prefer that one does not talk about your pseudonym? Isn’t that the point of having one, to put the real you just out of reach? :slight_smile:

Make it a part of the community guidelines and I will either accede or depart.


That may happen in time. We are still deciding the rules.

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