Anthony Bourdain's Death a Tragedy

This is what some Christians say when an atheist dies:

While that may seem, or even genuinely be for some Christians, mean-spirited, it does follow that a person who rejects God throughout their life, would go, in an afterlife, to a “place” or “state of being” which is totally separated from God, as a matter of God respecting their choices, which, for Christians is, by definition, “hell.” No Christian, however, should want that as a fate for someone else --not even God does. He’s not the spiritual “tyrant” so easily made out by caricature.

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Read his links @Guy_Coe. Those tweets are mean spirited. They do not merely appear mean.

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Thanks for the heads-up; juggling too many things. Sorry to have undercharacterized, @Patrick! Yep; disgusting self-righteousness parading as triumphalism, is how it reads to me. “Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” We are all diminished by the tragic death of a fellow human being.


@Patrick it really saddened me to read this article. Sent me into thought about the best way to respond.

I’m so sorry that there are people out there that say this sort of shit. They do not represent my faith, though they do call themselves Christians. I’m appalled that they use a tragedy to vent curses upon atheists, without a hint of empathy or love. I want nothing to do with that. I understand why things like this would make you, or anyone, angry.

The God I found by Jesus is different. He does not want anyone to perish. He is just and fair. I know you do not believe in the afterlife, but I trust God to treat Anthony and everyone else fairly.

In sadness…

I feel sorry for Bordain’s family if they see such stuff. He portrayed himself as a fun loving guy who enjoyed life. But there must have been something really dark inside that he chose to end his life at 61. Suicide is preventable. We can do a lot more to lower the numbers or at least stop it from increasing.

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I don’t believe the issue is faith or atheism, but the attraction of bigots of all flavours to things like Twitter. Have you noticed how anybody nowadays who sticks their heads above a parapet - to support or oppose Brexit, increase gay rights, oppose abortion, welcome refugees or celebrate Christmas reports getting death threats and hate mail. Every now and again, any of us who run blogs will have to block some misanthrope spitting venom from the safety of their bedroom.

Even more bizarre, people will generate such trash to demonise those they disagree with as hate-filled (because the bastards deserve it). What better way to show that all Trump supporters or climate-change supporters are psychopaths?

Moral - a bigot is someone you know who is bigoted. An anonymous foul-mouth on social media is as likely to be a mischief-maker or an adolescent thinking he’s having fun. I mean for goodness sake - Trump’s policy come out on Twitter, and nobody believes it even under his own name.