Are Birds a type of Dinosaur?

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Perhaps, but how did evolution ‘know’ to produce a form with this peculiarity just before the big strike which would make it a decisive advantage? There is no reason in principle any creature from that group had to survive the CT boundary event. It seems to me that birds were the point from the beginning. The dinosaurs were experiments gone awry on the way to get there.

No. Just no. It’s a chimera.

Also you should read Chatterjee’s papers and see what he is actually proposing. As someone who dedicated much of his life to dinosaurs and their evolution, this thread makes my stomach hurt.

And it’s K-Pg now. Not K-T

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Recently I have watched a lot of youtube videos on the dinosaur/bird relationship. I was not aware of just how close they were. T-rex had a wishbone they say.
For a while I had the idea that some dinos were just birds. this has become very established to me.
YEC thinkers still see dinos as a real group of creatures. so they don’t welcome feathers on them. This because evolutionists say it shows birds evolved from dinos AND flight came after feathers were on bodies for other non flying reasons. so they squirm.
I love it. I say it shows some dinos, the theropods/T-rex, really were just flightless ground birds. not reptiles dinos.
Further. on a blog by a poster here called JOEL DUFF, not YEC, he has a great article on the terror birds of s America. it shows how big, big headed, and how diverse birds can be while flightless.

@Robert_Byers Glad you are learning new stuff at PS.

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Then why dont you just explain hippos as large mutated fish… not a mammal?

And why not consider turtles as degenerated frogs…with a terrible skin condition… instead of reptiles.

Thee are FLAGS!!! that tell researchers what group comes from what other group.

You pretend they are just guessing… because you are afraid to do the research that proves you are just making stuff up.


What you say has nothing to do with modern research into theropods and thier connections to birds.
this can be seen on the youtube in several great shows. Off hand i remember the TURING a chicken into T rex by horner/advisor to jurrasic park movies.
Its about comparative anatomy AND IN THESE CASES the case is well made that t rex had a wishbone because he was a flightless ground bird. not a reptile or monster etc etc.
In fact the reason they SAY birds are/come from dinos is because of the great likeness in bodyplans of theropods to birds. however they just are still shy of a dozen.
there are no dinosaurs and theropod dinos are not dinos BUT only flightless ground birds.
feathers and all!!


Until you can actually name the anatomical features that are used as evidence… why the heck should anyone give a hoot about what you think?

What? Why? Its simply using the same anatomical features they use to say the birds are from theropod dinos. Any knowledge on the subject is the reference.


If you understood how unique the dino & bird matches are … you would not be so flip about how the determination is made.

Both these are fine. What is problematic is explaining how a blind and unguided process build a flight feather which is made of keratin proteins and essentially 3D printed by the transcription translation process.


You seem to think there is some obligation to attack/defend the Godless version of Evolution.

There is no obligation.

However, if you insist on doing either, I look forward to the day you have your own section to do it in!

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What I wanted to bring up was the manufacturing of a flight feather and the origin of that process was probably above the pay grade of dinosaurs reproducing. :slight_smile:

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PeacefulScience.Org is one of the few pro-Evolution sites that doesn’t have to validate Godless evolution. Nor does it have worry about such matters.

@gbrooks9 This is so silly, just like evolutionary science isn’t the study of God-guided evolution, it isn’t the study of Godless evolution either. Evolutionary science is neutral on whether evolution is God-guided or Godless. Is this so hard to accept?