Are Humans and Chimps Functionally Similar?

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Turns out that @John_Harshman challenges this claim. I respond…

Does any one think that they can demonstrate in a salient way that Humans-Chimps are functionally more similar than Mice-Rats? Here, we are talking about function on an organism level, not biochemical. We are not looking for minor quirks here and there, but an overall pattern of increased functional similarity between Human-Chimps compared to Mice-Rats.

I grant that function is poorly defined. Does anyone think they can make the case?

Wrong question. Can you make a case either way? I wouldn’t know how to begin. The question is so ill-defined as to be hopeless. What do you even mean by “mice” and “rats”? Are you referring specifically to Mus musculus and Rattus norvegicus?

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I agree.

That is why I propose well defined hypothesis to establish the limits of evidence.