Art & Ancestry: Humans Rendered Apart

Whatever our skin color, country of origin, ethnicity, or culture, we are all one family, one blood, one race, the human race. What has rendered us apart?

One thought that I keep coming back to is that racism and the injustices of class structure are a very common human failing throughout history and across cultures. The way in which we discriminate between people is more a product of human psychology than it is genetic differences. In India there is a caste system which can present people from moving upwards through society. The UK had a cultural tiered class structure for a long time. In America, skin color is but one criteria that was used for discrimination. The Irish, Jews, Catholics, and a whole host of other fair skinned groups were discriminated against.

There is something in all of us that leads to tribalism, selfishness, othering, and a loss of empathy. Racism is a symptom of this underlying problem.