Atheists for Jesus?

I doubt no more.


What do atheists here think?

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I’m not likely to join up.

I can see a point. Some of the moral teachings of Jesus are pretty good, but too many Christians ignore those.

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I think it is great.

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Check out their ‘Sermon of the mount’ part.

Atheists seem to get the spirit of Christianity better than most Christians do!

I had to check to see if this might be affiliated with Landover Baptist Church.

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Yes, some moral teachings of Jesus should be practiced by Christians.

But overall Jesus is too passive for me. I endorse capitalism, and strong defense of the innocent. Instead of turning the other cheek, I think lawsuits for compensatory damages is the path towards justice.

Thanks for the link to Landover Baptist. :rofl:

Didn’t he throw people out of greedy and corrupt temple with a whip?

Now that I think about it, didn’t you do a similar thing about a month ago? Minus the whip.

That is a parody site.


Yes, but a real capitalist would have charged a royalty of 25% as He was really the God that the offering were supposed to be going to. He could have stepped in and kept 25% and gave 75% to social welfare programs.