Author's Guide and Call for Submissions

We are inviting submissions from scientists and scholars around the grand question: what does it mean to be human?

We are soliciting factually sound and well-researched content that bridges between academics and the public and has not yet been published elsewhere. We accept articles in wide range of styles, including:

  1. Science journalism written to inform the public.
  2. Opinion articles presenting a position to persuade others with different views.
  3. Dialogue responding to other notable organizations, ideas, events, individuals, or news items.
  4. Excerpts of books related to our mission and topic areas.
  5. Reviews of books, movies, and TV series related to our mission and topic areas.
  6. Written interviews with scholars or other notables.
  7. Excerpted transcripts from notable audio or video statements.

We encourage pre-submission inquiries. Soon we will have a form here, but for now send us an email with:

  1. A few sentences describing the idea for your submission.
  2. Any relevant news hook or dates that will guide the timeline of publication, and inform us to the timeliness of the submission.
  3. Your name, affiliations, and qualifications, along with a 1-2 sentence bio.

The best submissions will bridge across differences, engage meaningfully with science, interact with different points of view, and bring different fields into dialogue.

  1. We are soliciting submissions that explore how science intersects with the grand question of what it means to be human . We are approaching this question from several angles, for example:
  • Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience, Consciousness and Minds
  • Anthropology, Human Exceptionality, and Animal Intelligence
  • Ancestry, Genetics, and Human Origins
  • Race, Inheritance, and Justice
  • Beauty, Perception, Art, and Fiction
  • CRISPR, Genetic Engineering and Gene Editing
  • Transparency, Academic Freedom, and Research Ethics/Integrity.
  1. We are also soliciting submissions that bridge across differences, whether it be race, human origins, or other sticky places of conflict. Submissions can be a proposal for ways forward, or seek to increase understanding to difficult audiences.

For those on the forum, you can submit articles as a PM to @Ciara and myself.

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