Behe: Darwinists Are “Famously Slow to Recognize Problems for Their Theory”

Almost comically, they call us “Darwinists” again, even though we are not Darwinists.

Behe notes the oddity of having three authors on a book review — “It seems to me there’s something weird going on.” Agreed. It’s something I don’t think I’ve seen before. Yet despite the combined brainpower, the reviewers could not muster a substantive reply to his book’s main point. Maybe, Behe speculates, “They’re going to save their big points for when they aren’t writing in Science Magazine.”

I suppose it is weird to have scientists working together on this. We expected an onslaught, and DI didn’t disappoint. We have been ready for them. The Science review was like a “table of contents” of issues we identified. A couple hundred words is not enough to deal with even one thing in depth.

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Maybe, Behe speculates, “They’re going to save their big points for when they aren’t writing in Science Magazine.”

Is this supposed to imply that you’re saving your “big points” for when you won’t be scrutinised as harshly as in one of the world’s top journals? I don’t see what else he could be trying to say there.

Incidentally, the DI web-blitz is working for what I assume is its intended purpose. If you google “Darwin Devolves review” you get a page filled almost entirely with DI diatribes attacking the review in Science.


Seems to make them look very insecure. Aggressive too.

But to their base, they are vigorously fighting the good fight against the “Darwinists”. Ironically, they could very well benefit from an honest review pointing out deficiencies in the book.


Joshua is playing the long game here. Publishing daily screeds may yield some short-term benefit to DI, but in the long term they are painting themselves into a corner.

That’s the hypothesis, anyway. :slight_smile:


@Chris_Falter is a clever clever boy.

(no disrespect intended with that “boy”, it is just a Dr. Who reference :wink: )

This may surprise some, but we have a plan here. We are playing the long game, and we are playing to win. Doing the review with three people was a good move for us. What lone scientist could keep up with this deluge from ENV? Instead, working together we are doing really well. This is only the second inning too. DI doesn’t even know what is coming down the pike yet.

Enjoy the show. This will be fun. Just like WWF, try and figure out how much of the theatre is real or not. Hint: much of the outrage on their end is not, actually, real. Public theatre any one?


If/when they do, the base will be blissfully unaware.


Are they? I wonder sometimes if it is their intention to be excluded so they can say whatever they want without accountability.