Biblical Philistines—archenemies of ancient Israelites—hailed from Europe,


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Well first they use the illegal term BCE .
anyways the bible is clear on the origins of the philistines. there was no doubt in the bible readers back in those days that the philistines were part of thev Egyptian family. they were not related to the canaanites or semities. In fact they came from Cathor which almost certainly was Crete. so they were closely related to also people called Minoans today. Yes thety most likely were related to peoples who went west in the sea there and so related to basques etc.
they did not come from europe.
The bible should first be noted for these matters even if one denies the bible.
Nobody in bible days would say the philistines were from the area they lived in.
They were evil and strong. God id not promise the Hebrews thier land as i remember. I don’t think Israel owns it today.

Obviously the Bible is incorrect. aDNA shows clearly that the Philistines were from Europe. Read the paper.

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I love the recent press on the Pelest!

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By Europe they mean Greece or the Greek islands.

It appears they roamed the Med. Sea some … and occupied some for quite some time.

The part the Bible is wring about is placing Abraham in contact with the Philistine coast some 800 years before they had even arrived.

The Pelest had entrenched by 1130 BCE, and were powerful enough to deny Egypt access to Canaan and Syria !

DNA is untrustworthy even if accurate sampling is done which one would never know anyways. These could be immigrants or slaves etc. Especially since the Philistines coming from create would bring in peoples who had immigrated there. Its better to go with gods word or at least ancient opinion on these matters. why no mention of the opinion of scholars who wrote the bible about matters they cared about and everyone talked about in a more dull world there?? its poor research especially when these people invoke the bible about the philistines and Israelities. i think they are just dumb ignorant of basic facts that the bible stresses.

The bible is gods word or, its at least for some, a ancient schorally opinion on these matters.
why call them pelest and not the famous expressions from the bible? whyBCE?
They were landed on the coast in a few settlements in Abrahams time. possiblt recently.
I think i remember they were not mentioned as peoples to be destroyed and their land occupied. as it was just the curse on canaan.
Since the bible says the Philistines were just part of a extendede egyptian family, which included the Cathar/Minoain . then one could not tell a difference in dna, as far as thats trustworthy, with the general group. So finding this dna on islands/lands to the west would not mean they are Philistines.

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Thanks Patrick, I had been looking forward to finding out the results of this.
Robert Byers, you might find this a helpful introduction to the subject

@Robert_Byers1 You talk nonsense. aDNA is very trustworthy. It is the stories in an ancient book that are untrustworthy. The Philistine people of the Bible stories were not evil nor wicked people. They were Europeans from Greece area and just like us.

Thanks @DarrenG. I browsed this but didn’t read it fully. Do you know if there is anything in the aDNA study that contradicts the study you posted?

The aDNA was from Ashkelon in Isreal formally called Philistine.


Typo? You typed or auto-typed Cathar?

There is nothing “Egyptian” about the Pelest, aka Philistines. Archaeology shows when the Pelest arrived, and when the Egyptians were denied access to their “Asian” holdings.

There was NOTHING on the Levantine coast connected to these people in the early or mid-Bronze Age - - they were the ones that ENDED the Bronze Age!

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I don’t always keep up with the news—but I was totally unaware that the tern “BCE” had been declared illegal. I’m curious as to whether its use is a felony or merely a misdemeanor. I need to know when this new ban became law so that I can determine if I am now a criminal. I’m too old to go on the run to escape the long arm of the law.

Up until now I had assumed that the most serious infractions to be found in my writings were repeating myself, droning on endlessly about self-amusing anecdotes from the academy, and generally boring my readers without regard to the standard of cruel and unusual punishment. I now fear that much like R. Kelly, I will get a surprise visit from federal agents and a multi-count indictment requiring a very expensive legal team.

I’ve also been known to shamelessly split infinitives. That in itself should qualify as proof of my contempt for authority—even those authorities dating from long ago centuries BCE.


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Correlation does not equal causation. The sea peoples may have been a result of the end of the bronze age rather than the cause. There is much speculation and little consensus about what ended the bronze age in the near east, asia minor, the aegean region, north africa, caucasus, balkans, and the eastern med, There is evidence of severe widespread droughts. Some of the suggested culprits include deforestation, the thera eruption and tsunami, a volcanic eruption in iceland, earthquakes, or a combination of all of them.

While some posters in this thread seem to think the matter is cut and dried and theirs is the only reasonable position, the scholars I have read seem to take a more cautious approach.There are those who suggest a sudden wave of invading sea peoples, possibly escaping some disaster in their homeland. The book I posted suggests instead that “the Philistine phenomenon is the result of a more nuanced and complex cultural interaction between lands surrounding the Aegean Sea and the Levant.” (p197) There was some excitement when the cemetery was discovered which I shared on another thread here, and it was hoped that some DNA would be recovered. I am no expert in this field but it seems to me the evidence of mixed DNA in the children adds more weight to the idea of gradual movement due to trade rather than the stampeding horde approach.

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Hi Robert, I am not familiar with this claim. Which Bible verse are you referring to?