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Here is a prefect way to confuse and disorient a high school student studying science. Science is neutral on the existence or non-existence of God. By forcing faith (religion) into high school science, BioLogos is doing the same thing that they criticize AiG and DI for. Teach real science the proper way - unencumbered by religious doctrine, dogma, and mythology.

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“Curricula like this are rare. INTEGRATE both upholds the rigor of the science content, while also pushing students to examine what this content means in relation to their faith. I think any teacher or parent looking to infuse their high school science teaching with the integration of faith and learning should look here.”

Betsy Leong, Wheaton College
Wheaton, IL

“Schools need resources that enable students to take science seriously and take faith seriously , and not feel that the relationship between the two is a zero-sum game. This is the need that INTEGRATE is addressing, and students and teachers alike will find helpful pathways to learning.”

David Smith, Calvin University
Grand Rapids, MI

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What is BioLogos INTEGRATE?

INTEGRATE is a flexible teacher’s resource for exploring biology from a Christian worldview. Designed for homeschool parents and Christian school teachers, INTEGRATE fosters a safe space for students to ask questions and explore exciting areas of science through the lens of biblical faith. INTEGRATE helps Christian young people grow in their faith in Christ as they develop a deeper love and stronger understanding of the world God has made.
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If that was an email to you personally, @patrick, their marketing is woefully mistargeted.

This curriculum may be entirely reasonable, and might even be helpful. It probably depends on the details of what they wrote, but I suggest withholding judgement before seeing it for yourself.

The price is really high though, and I doubt they will give me a copy to review :slight_smile: .


Yes, it was a personal email to me. :rofl: And yes it is very expensive considering that there are numerous cheaper and better secular online classes, books, and courses. I wonder if Biologos is going to make a INTEGRATE Calculus class? Or an INTEGRATE Physics class or chemistry, geology, earth science, or genetics course that forcing faith into science class where it doesn’t belong. Dr. Francis Collin learned his science as an atheist and became a great scientist and a good Christian also. Why can’t children learn secular science the proper way - unencumbered by religious doctrine, dogma and mythology?

If this goes to homeschoolers, it will be putting science into science class. Its competitors will be orgs like AIG’s curriculumn.

@Kathryn_Applegate might comment more.


This puts science into science class: Miller & Levine Biology ©2019 - Savvas (formerly Pearson K12 Learning)

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Why do you think this will “confuse and disorient” students?

Does this curriculum say otherwise?

Huh? I doubt very much that the curriculum “forces faith into” anything, but more notably, I think you’re not even close to correct about what BL criticizes those outfits for.

Of course as an atheist I wouldn’t teach my kids science with religious BS attached. But it’s impossible to teach science or any other subject without culture and humanity and therefore religion (broadly speaking). If you try to do that, you separate science from its cultural roots, which are human and messy.

I’m sympathetic to much of what you write here, but I think you’re likely just wrong about what the curriculum says and does. And speaking only for myself, I can coexist with believers who want (er, need) to add a god gloss to the natural world. Gods are fake and mostly toxic, but I’m not sure they get measurable help from being painted onto evolution. Better to focus on saving the world from gods by showing everyone just how damaging they really are.


This presentation seems pretty typical for curriculum in many Christian high schools and universities. Most take a worldview approach, not just adding Bible class and chapels to what would otherwise be the same curriculum in a public school or university. I guess I should know since the Christian schools I went to were like that.

But BioLogos must not have targeted emails to this demographic yet :slight_smile:

I hope people like it. I was one of the content reviewers and found it well done.


Could someone point me to some of the biology courses for home schoolers that also promote atheism?


@Patrick , my understanding is that INTEGRATE is not a replacement for a standard biology textbook but rather a supplement that specifically addresses issues of science and faith so that those who do have certain religious backgrounds (I wonder if it will be used by Muslim families) can have a more professional and thoughtful conversation about how science and theology can constructively interact.

I think it also could demonstrate that science can be a fulfilling calling for Christian students who are considering STEM careers but are afraid that it is inherently anti-theist. I’ve run into a number of high school students who waver between theology and STEM degrees and the perception that STEM, as a field, is actively antagonistic is not something that’s helpful for science. Having people from a diverse background makes science stronger, and IM(biased)O we probably need a lot more scientists than we do theologians, practically speaking.


Ask @Patrick , maybe FFRF can fund it? :slight_smile:


I think this is one of the target audiences…and important to ask this question. On a side note, I am about to pick up an old project (funded by Templeton through BioLogos, but sidelined a few years ago) of giving supplementary material on creation/evolution to home- and Christian-school students who still plan to use the traditional YEC biology textbooks.

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No FFRF will not fund an atheistic science course. Atheists are very satisfied with the current secular science curriculum as it is now. FFRF spends a lot of time and money keeping religious dogma, doctrine, and mythology out of secular public education system including the US DOE. (Goodbye Betsy DeVos)


To me, this is just a very subtle and soft way of teaching creationism in science classes to Christian homeschooled kids and Christian public school students by indoctrinating them into Theistic evolution or Evolutionary Creationism. Science is neither theistic nor atheistic. Teaching MN is far better than TE, EC, ID, YEC, or OEC. Keep science neutral like the US Government is suppose to be. You don’t need units on faith, and ways of knowing to teach calculus, so you don’t need all this fluffy stuff to teach biology to middle school or high school students.

I am all for STEM careers for Christian students. But don’t mess with the science to make it more palatable for already indoctrinated kids. It will just set them up for major cognitive dissonance in the future. What is wrong with teach that science is neutral on whether God exists or not and whether God, if He exists, tinkers or doesn’t tinker with nature?

I laughed, and your point is taken. But actually I have occasionally wondered about resources and materials for homeschooling parents who are humanists. The AHA has developed some materials that seem pretty nice. Of course (and to your excellent point) these aren’t materials about biology, but still.


I am sure that if you ever read the curriculum you are writing about, you will discover that this is false.

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Please send me the curriculum, free of charge of course.

If I understand BioLogos Integrate correctly, it is material for home schooling. They aren’t advocating for inclusion of religion in public school science classrooms. In addition, they are supporting the teaching of consensus science unlike AiG and DI.

The teaching materials are aimed at students whose faith is already a part of their education. It is no different than @swamidass attending scientific conferences and church services. Both are a part of his life, and both scientific and religious education is a part of these students’ lives.

Personally, I think its a great idea to help high school understand that you can be both a good scientist and a good Christian. They aren’t mutually exclusive.


Some believe they are.

I wonder what the reaction would be to similar courses that took the position that one cannot accept Christianity and also accept science, that the two are incompatible. I also wonder why no one seems compelled to create such a course.

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