Book Review of Darwin Devolves

Review of Darwin Devolves by Robert C. Newman , Emeritus Professor of New Testament and Christian Evidences at Biblical (now Missio) Seminary, Director Emeritus of the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute, and a Fellow of the American Scientific Affiliation.

Interesting “review”, consisting almost entirely of quotes from the book and summaries of its claims. Koolaid for everyone on me!

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Yes it was interesting to get a in-depth review from quite an expert in evolutionary science. :sunglasses:

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For instance, the polar bear, closely related to the large brown bear, differs in ways that make it especially viable in the Arctic—its white coat, its greater resistance to cold weather, and its ability to handle the sorts of fatty foods available in such regions. But it now appears that the genetic changes that produced these variations seem to be “damaging … likely to degrade or destroy the functions of the protein that the gene codes for” (15-17). This will be a major theme of the book.

Ouch. Someone needs to get a memo out that Behe was wrong on that one. What are they going to do now? Polar bears are cuddly (not), so people like to talk about them…

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