Brazil Hospital Chain Collaborating with Government to Push Chloroquine, Ivermectin, Falsify Data and Kill Patients Considered High Cost

Irony of ironies @Giltil.

Prevent Senior, a Brazilian Health Medical Organisation, has been accused of illegally running a study using chloroquine and ivermectin without patient consent, and hiding covid deaths to falsely show that their “covid kit” (used to save money) of ivermectin and chloroquine is effective.

The very political parties accusing science and government of lying, fudging numbers, and wilfully killing people to prove a point and push a failed therapy - - - apparently did those very crimes when given the opportunity.

You can’t make this s*** up.

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Addressing the inquiry earlier this week, lawyer Bruna Morato claimed that at least nine patients at hospitals operated by Prevent Senior died of Covid-19 while they were unwittingly receiving the experimental treatments. Morato represents 12 anonymous doctors who worked for the health care provider.

She alleged that Prevent Senior hospitals were used as “laboratories” for studies with so-called “Covid kit,” containing drugs that have been proven ineffective for the treatment of Covid-19, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. These studies were allegedly conducted between March and April of 2020.

Patients and relatives were not made aware those drugs were being administered, and Prevent Senior doctors were pressured internally to prescribe and distribute such drugs, Morato also said. “Very vulnerable elderly patients were told there was a good treatment, but they did not know they were being used as guinea pigs,” she said.

BRASILIA, Sept 28 (Reuters) - A Brazilian hospital chain tested unproven drugs on elderly COVID-19 patients without their knowledge as part of an effort to validate President Jair Bolsonaro’s preferred ‘miracle cure,’ a lawyer for whistleblowing doctors told senators on Tuesday.

At least nine people died of COVID-19 during the trials at the Prevent Senior hospital chain from March to April 2020, but their charts were altered to hide the cause of death, lawyer Bruna Morato told a Senate inquiry.

The truly harrowing part - apparently there were also protocols to gradually reduce O2 levels after 15 days on the ventilator - inevitably killing patients (thereby saving lots and lots of money on costly ventilator treatment). Youtube video with lawyer speaking on behalf of 12 whistleblower doctors regarding the O2 protocols (video not in English)