Byer's No-Brain Theory of Mind

No. All animals can understand such things. like dogs and cats. The theory of mind is another false theory. in all primate studies, trying tom prove they are smart as us, they must FIRST prove what they find is not found in other creatures.

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Answering Robert because he raises a good questions here.

Theory of Mind (the awareness that others minds are independent of your own) is not present in human infants until around the age of 18-24 months. The human brain is not fully formed at birth, but it gains capability rapidly as the infant grows.

THIS is what happens when you marry a Psychology teacher! :slight_smile:

Well your replying to a post that stup[idly was flagged(as usual). It was on topic and not offensive surely.
I don’t agree we have brains or that they are not formed. i think instead the memory is not triggered correctly at early stage.
I don’t see the theory of mind as real or explaining anything but thats another subject i guess.

Would it be inappropriate to quote mine you on this at some point?


Whether or not you agree, I’m nearly certain we all have brains :wink:

There is solid research on Theory of Mind, demonstrated by some clever experiments, and it helps to explain the mental development of children.

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Whatever theb “mental” development would be. it still would just be a function of memory coupled with knowledge. its a function of the biblical concept of mind. I don’t agree we have brains. thats an old idea from the past. BUT I really don’t like the concept that "the brain’ is not formed or forming. That would lead to conclusions for some kids to say thier brain has not formed IF they have mental problems or everybody be scored.

Please do! i say it all the time. ahhh remember i am saying the brain is in fact just a memory organ coupled to the soul.

If that’s true, then children don’t develop a soul until around age two, regardless of baptismal status. Also, that might imply unbaptized children may never develop a brain. You should be careful with these theories, before you get branded as a heretic! :slight_smile:

Point of order - Is it OK to make jokes about heresy? No harm is intended, but I’m not sure how others might see it.

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Depends on the joke I suppose. That one seemed safe enough.

Well good - I wouldn’t want to accidentally summon the Spanish Inquisition! :laughing:


i don’t understand. the soul is the child. nothing else. Except the memory which is a material organ. thius open to malfunction however its impossible for the soul(thinking) to malfunction.
Jesus had a GOD soul but upon birth was dumb as a rock. tHis because his memory(mind) was not organized yet.
I’m saying there has never been evidence man has a brain. The bibnle never mentions this while talking ALLTHE TIME about the soul/mind/heart/spirit.
I’m using reductionist premise and saying, aside from the soul, there is just a magnificent
memory(mind). I think it could be a better foundation for healing a great deal.

Blasphemy is a human right. It is also a victim-less crime.

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