Can anyone here summarize Francis Schaeffer's position on evolution?

It has been years since I’ve read Schaeffer and my memories are foggy. I vaguely recall him discussing C.S. Lewis’ warmth toward evolution [I hate to have to specify “biological evolution” but clarity sometimes requires this.] and Schaeffer being personally hesitant but open to that position.

This question came to mind when I heard the news this morning that Amazon Prime has posted the entire 10-part film series adaption of the “How Should We Then Live” book


Youtube has the 10-part series as well:

Francis Schaeffer - How Should We Then Live? [ENGLISH - ALL 10 EPISODES] - YouTube


I’m not sure that is quite correct. C.S. Lewis seems to have had an unstable relationship with evolution. I think this article by him is particularly helpful in understanding his position:


Hi Allen
I have watched most of the series. Thanks for posting it. From the video Francis was aware of Murray Edens position in the late 60’s and appeared to believe Darwinian evolution was not a complete explanation.

His main argument was that the Christian worldview was essential to a free and stable society.

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