Can We Create DNA From Scratch Or Just Using The Raw Materials?


I was watching a show on biology and the thought occurred to me: can we build DNA using simply the raw materials? I am not talking about editing existing DNA or beginning with any existing cellular or genetic material. In essence, if we have pure phosphate, deoxyribose, and the four nitrogenous bases—adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine, are we at a point yet where we can assemble them into a DNA molecule? If not, why not and when you think we will be able to do so?

Not being a scientist, it seems to me that to build DNA we could start with the raw materials and put them into the same structure that we see in DNA molecules and thus create DNA from scratch. Any papers or links would be greatly appreciated.


That can be done yes. IIRC Synthetic routes to DNA from basic constituents are known.

We’ve only been able to for the last 28 years or so:

Whole genes made to order:

Yes, it’s done regularly. Many labs have their own oligonucleotide synthesizers to make DNA primers.

Here’s the first ad that shows up in google:

Thanks for all the replies. This is really good to know. I will check out the sources.

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