Carter and Sanford to dialogue with PS?

It’s a pity that Carter and Sanford won’t participate in this discussion themselves and, instead, leave an uninformed and unqualified amateur to act as their surrogate and flail about ineffectually.


I agree and can assure you they will never participate on the forum. However a more orderly written exchange might be possible. @PDPrice let us know if they are willing to do a written back and forth based on blog posts, rather than forum threads.


As long as you’re agreeing with that kind of tripe I don’t see any chance of any productive dialogue happening at all, beyond what has already happened in the form of this article.

This is what I agree with:

I’m offering instead a chance to dialogue in a more orderly way that could get to the heart of the issues here, if that is what they are willing to do.


Just as with last time, I would encourage you to contact us with a proposal for what you’d like to do, and then we can consider it.

Can we begin with a private phone call please?

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