Comments on Anthony Fauci Shows Us the Right Way to Be an Expert

Well, it tells us that Fauci, the expert, isn’t convinced. My own reading of the primary literature is perfectly consistent with that.

If Joshua had changed his opinion of Fauci in the last nine days, wouldn’t he have written something to that effect?

We’ve known that since January. In February, I was traveling and subject to far more health surveillance in Asia than I did upon my return to the US on March 20 (zero). Why has the US government done so little?

I was not asking about Fauci. I was asking about drugs that are being used by several Doctors including a patient I know in California to treat the disease. I know the treatment is controversial but I also know @swamidass will change his opinion based on data. I thought he might have insight beyond news and internet searches.

This is a very good question and I hope the leaders are learning from other countries like S Korea that have more experience with pandemics as @faded_Glory video illustrated. I learned from the video that masks can protect you.

Then you probably should have started another thread. I would trust Fauci’s opinion more than Joshua’s. Wouldn’t you?

As a common noun, “doctors” is not capitalized.

I do too, unlike you. Do you have any data?

They aren’t, at least at the White House. State leaders, mostly Democrats with a few exceptions, have been learning and continue to learn.

This was an amazing admission of irresponsible ignorance on the part of a Republican governor:

You just learned that today? I bought masks for my trip in early February and have already arranged to donate my unused ones (most) soon, when things get ugly locally.

Are you unable to perform simple Google searches? Or just unwilling?

I sincerely appreciate your hard work in your area as well as teaching.


Thanks, Randy, but it’s entirely motivated by self-interest and concern for my loved ones and friends.

My hopes, which don’t seem to appear often in the popular press, are 1) that the virus evolves to become less pathogenic and 2) that the antibody testing eventually shows that many of us were infected by small doses without knowing it and will be (at least partially) immune when the next wave hits.


You realize that all we are getting from Fauci is public positioning statements don’t you? I have heard many claims from doctors that they believe that the drugs HCQ and Z are effective. This is interesting but anecdotal. It is being widely used in Spain and Italy at this point. Several doctors are using it off label in the US.

No, he is giving us the truth because Trump won’t.

I have too. None of them are backed up by a well-designed trial, though, so Fauci’s position is correct.

Used, but does it work?

I know that, yet no one has reported a well-designed trial to date, only lousy ones. Thus, Fauci’s assessment is correct.


Speaking of doses, this is worth reading and considering:


NJ was pretty early in going to a complete stay at home order from the Governor - March 13. But the virus was already here and wide spread as most people work in NYC and got the virus there and brought it back to NJ everyday.