Comments on BioLogos Deletes an Article

Good, then it’s done. There is now no need for further harping on this, and there was never any need to call people out by name. At Peaceful Science we are working to establish norms for error correction, and it seems we will make different choices than BioLogos will, and indeed different choices from any other non-publication website that I know. (Certainly different from any organization involved in discussions about science and faith.) BioLogos has no obligation to put anything back online, nor do they have any obligation to explain anything to you or to anyone else. The story now should be what we aim to do and why. Nothing more.


No need to harp on it, but I’m not sure the conversation is over. I’m sure this will come up again.

You are right about this:

That is where we should focus, and we will. Looking forward to it.