Comments on Keller on Adam and Eve

I have listened to this again as I have heard it before. In my opinion, nothing new here. Keller thinks that God inspired a group of Bronze age men to write down a story. He believes the story represents some kind of truth of the world. I, on the other hand, don’t believe that this God or any God ever existed, so I come to the conclusion that Genesis is just the best cosmology that they could come up with at the time. Certainly no better or worse than other creation stories in history.

Think of the alternative. It is so intuitive to think that there was a first man and woman. Well, how did it get here? Must be a special creation of the Gods. That makes sense. But it took mankind centuries of a scientific inquiry to discover alternative explanations.

I respect him, but on this subject he should be taking transcripts from some of our dialogues. The church needs the framework that we are forming here, I just hope that some of them realize it.

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