Comments on Robert Shedinger's Artilce

That is my main comment - the author doesn’t make ANY substantive points about ANYTHING. It is Christian psychobabble or should I say Lutheran Christian psychobabble. The author, a Professor of Religion, sitting on his Lutheran high perch, pontificates about a century of scientific
progress in biology, genetics, neuroscience using perhaps a laymen’s understanding of that science, all the while, not realizing that Lutheran theology has done nothing for mankind in the last 500 years since Luther. And he gets paid for doing it. oy vey.


I am saying that “it is not even crap”.

A Pavlovian conflation of Christianity with ID is probably of no use either. From what I can see so far, that was an anti-evolution article.


Well, in addition to his Eddieesque blathering about Darwin, I’ll say that the author’s points about Crick’s “Central Dogma” are incredibly ignorant.

Do you know why, Eddie?