Comments on YEC experience on this board

I’m a recent but now former YEC. I came here a couple of years ago, after spending many years in internal conflict. Believing the Bible taught YEC, but that there was little evidence( and eventually concluded no evidence) in science for a YEC position.

I arrived seeking to understand how other Christians, who believed in an inspired Bible, were able to reconcile the Bible and evolution.

These forums and associated articles, along with much other studying (often based on books or sources mentioned here) have been very helpful to me in seeing where I was reading interpretation into Bible verses that was probably incorrect. Essentially I’ve realized my underlying hermeneutics were incorrect.

This has led to a non-YEC view of the Bible, while still being entirely committed to it’s full inspiration, and to being able to reconcile an non-YEC view with a roughly “reformed” theology that I believe the Bible teaches.