Common Ground on Bad Design

Continuing the discussion from Who is Right About Sinuses?:

An article from ENV (Discovery Institute) exposes some common ground. They quote me favorably,

Klinghoffer responds…

Very good — I like the language about “seams.” I am looking right now at the sweater I’m wearing, and it too has “seams” while at the same time reflecting someone’s intelligent design. Thank you, Dr. Swamidass!

Swamidass adds,

“Though the acrimony is not necessary, it is not surprising. These are the grand questions we are facing, and they are important.”

Yes, they are both grand and important.

I agree. It is good to find places of agreement, even across the divides.


I still like Nathan Lents’ book “Human Errors”. It is a good read. Whether I was purposely designed this way or evolved to be like I am now, I am grateful for the ability of medical science and technology to “fix” the conditions that I have - a detached retina, a prostate that enlarging pushing into bladder, vitamin D deficiency, deviated septum, pulled Achilles tendon, torn ACL, and a degenerative disk. But other than that I was designed intelligently and perfectly according to plan by a designer who cares for me. If that were true I won’t need health insurance. I want to thank @NLENTS for coming to PS and engaging with us.

@gbrooks9 , @Eddie here is a plug for his book:

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I agree. The @NLENTS book in not about the bad design argument. His larger points were missed in the exchange with DI.

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