Could Years be Months in Genesis Genealogies?


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Maybe this will better illustrate my point …



I know what you’re trying to say, my previous post was supposed to show that history of Southern Slavs (as far as I know) doesn’t necessarily falsify your hypothesis.

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And then, for comparison …


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You know, one avenue that’s proven pretty fruitful that I just haven’t pursued too heavily is the postulated connections between biblical patriarchs and gods/characters of mythology.

For example, David Rohl has made a compelling argument linking the Sumerian king Enmerkar to Nimrod.

And then there’s links between Canaan’s son Sidon and the Greek god Poseidon. Japheth to Jupiter.

There may be literary journals to be found. I keep putting off putting any kind of real effort into this course because it feels like such a daunting thing to get into.