Coyne’s Scathing Review of Darwin Devolves

Behe’s gonna need some ice.

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And a big reveal:

Well, I read Michael Behe’s new intelligent-design book Darwin Devolves a long time ago, as I was asked to review it for the Washington Post . But I couldn’t say that, of course, for it would reveal that I had a prepublication copy, and that means I was going to produce a review. One can’t say that in advance. Up to this point, instead of giving my own take on the book, I gave the take of others: Rich Lenski, Josh Swamidass, Nathan Lents, and so on. At last my own review is out.

Some people dismissed @Jerry_Coyne’s posts because “he hadn’t even read the book yet.” Turns out he did. There is more going on than meets the eye.

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And none of our reviews compare to the one coming out any day now in Evolution, in my opinion, the most detailed and erudite take-down yet.