Darwin Bingo

Continuing the discussion from Mathematical Challenges to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution:

I propose a game. “Darwin Bingo”. Here are the rules.

  1. Everyone submits a URL with a minimum if 1000 words of prose.

  2. Winner is the one with a URL with prose with highest percentage of “Darwin” words.

  3. No cheating by writing an automated algorithm to scan their whole offering.

I suggest we start with URLs from ENV blog or YouTube channel. We could do AIG next if we like. As a control, we could look at articles in the scientific literature.

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Not ENV, but this might make a good baseline.

Charles Darwin bio on Wikipedia

449 instances out of 16127 words, for 2.784%.
I determined the word count by pasting the un-formatted text of the entire Wiki article into Word.

Update: The 449 count comes from searching the web site (control-f) in Chrome, but Word gives me a count of 463, for 2.871% (rounded to nearest.)

PS: 76/9200 is 0.826%