Death of the junk DNA myth?

Seen on FB:

Remember, genetic entropy is real, but junk DNA is not. Somehow.



The creationist rationalizations around GE, devolution, and junk DNA, are all allowed to exist (simultaneously in the same creationist mind) only because none of them are quantitatively testable theories. They exist only in the form of vague rationalizations explained in the form of analogies to rust and design-efficiency, to be invoked to reject evolution. It is all completely vacuous.


Would this thread be more accurately summarised by the title: “What is the real myth concerning junk DNA?” Any objections to me changing it to this?

I’d rather keep the existing title, mostly because it’s shorter.

If you want to be helpful, create a topic linking to various discussions of Junk DNA and I’ll turn it into a wiki post. :slight_smile:

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