Let's talk about the Junk in our DNA

Before you drop a comment on this thread, it is pertinent you know what Junk DNA means to mainstream science, as well as the evidence for it.

This article discusses Junk DNA and should be a useful primer on the topic for those who are not well-informed.


I will just add that, while a peer-reviewed paper, it is quite accessible to a layperson.


Great piece by two excellent scientists and thinkers. Happy to discuss but there’s not much to add IMO.

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I had the pleasure of hosting Ryan Gregory when he visited my department to give a seminar a couple years back. He’s a great scientist, and a hilarious guy.

The paper is excellent and really well written. Here are a few related reviews on long non-coding RNAs that are worth reading:

Volatile evolution of long noncoding RNA repertoires: mechanisms and biological implications

Functional Long Non-coding RNAs Evolve from Junk Transcripts


I would add that you need to provide a definition that does not conflate it with “noncoding.” In terms of set theory, that IDcreationist scam is analogous to claiming that all dogs are poodles.

Right, @Edgar?

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